Month: July 2014

What is the Battle of the Forms?

Since 1977 lawyers have talked about the importance in contract formation of the ‘battle of the forms’. What is this and how does it affect you if you are in business? What is ‘The Battle of the Forms’? Lord Denning coined the phrase ‘battle of the forms’ in Butler Machine

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The One-Page Contract

As part of my on-going research into contract writing, I reading Peter Hibberd’s (former Chairman of The Joint Contracts Tribunal) Arbrix paper How Difficult is it to Write a Standard Form Contract? He says: “How difficult is it to write a standard form contract – it depends on what one

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Fair Payment In Construction

The Government Construction Strategy 2025 set out a blueprint of how to create a modern, effective and sustainable construction industry. It’s aim was – through initiatives, policy and legislation – to ensure that: “Construction in 2025 is no longer characterised, as it once was, by late delivery, cost overruns, commercial

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