Month: January 2016

Review Your Contract: Use STAR

Do you have a ‘haphazard’ or ‘cavalier’ approach to the terms of your contracts? Back in 2011, the OFT found evidence that contract users did not “properly assess the transaction or deal they enter into.” It is not a luxury to make sure your contract helps you do business, and

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Why Write Simpler Contracts?

A good speech is like a skirt – it should be short enough to be interesting and long enough to cover the essentials… Churchill The same is true of a good contract. Short enough to be read. Long enough to cover the essentials. In the construction industry, we have (2018)

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5 Steps to Write Your Contract

Contracts are tools to help you do business, and in that sense, you (rather than a lawyer) might be the perfect person to write your own contract. This might seem counter-intuitive coming from a contract specialist, who helps companies to write their own contracts. When I work with clients, I

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