Month: October 2019

Limited guarantees

The Scottish appeal court has recently agreed with something I have been asserting for years, that a collateral warranty is impliedly limited by the scope and terms of the underlying agreement. What is a warranty? A warranty is a simple document designed to create contractual links between the provider of

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The Dotted Line: Why bother?

Ever wondered why you bother? As a contract writer, I know most people do not love their contracts. Mostly because their creation feels like a necessary evil, with zero relevance to your commercial aims or values. Let me explain… Read the full edition here Is it really possible to create

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Going digital with e-signatures

Your clients no longer need to sign on the dotted line… or more accurately not with a pen. The Law Commission has recently confirmed that e-signatures are a valid means of executing contracts. No more printing, signing, scanning and emailing an attachment back to complete the steps of acceptance. All

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