Month: November 2020

The Dotted Line: It’s just stuff

It’s just stuff, we say as we try and sort out our junk or garage during lockdown. Some of it is ‘special stuff’ – things that remind us of specific people or memories (I confess to a mug collection). But do we really feel empathy for those objects? Read the

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The Dotted Line: Doh!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you finally realise something that others have known for years? Like the arrow on your car’s petrol gauge that tells you which side the petrol cap is on? <Doh> Read the full edition here Unlike John Cleese pretending to fall asleep

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Risk – is your contract set in stone?

Entering into a contract is a bit like the giddy phase of getting cosied up or married — everything appears rosy and full of excited anticipation. But there’s the real risk of things going wrong if the relationship isn’t nurtured or doesn’t produce the results that you expect. Ultimately, if

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