Month: July 2021

Who wants simpler contracts?

According to recent data from World Commerce and Contracting, 48% of companies are interested in simplifying their contracts. That’s a significant minority of the whole global corporate landscape. But why? What’s wrong with complex contracts? Contractual complexity is bad for business. End of. But if you want to know the

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Role of tech in contracts

What do we want? Legal revolution. When do we want it? Um…. now? The LawTech Report 2021 confirms that technology is ‘an enabler of fundamental change in the frontline delivery of legal and court services, and a mechanism for doing things differently, setting new standards, and importantly, putting user outcomes

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‘Cut and shut’ contracts

If you’re a driver, then you may be familiar with the phrase ‘cut & shut’ which refers to two write-off vehicles being welded together to make a ‘new and improved’ model. This happens with contracts. The clauses or halves might not have been write-offs but the resulting document is surely

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Mind your language… to avoid disputes

What are the best ways to avoid disputes on construction projects? You’d fully expect me to recommend a decent contract, but don’t just take my word for it. This post reviews the 2021 Arcadis Global Disputes Report to extract the nuggets you need to avoid disputes on your projects. Tips

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Sarah Fox

The Dotted Line: How flexible are you?

Are you guilty of fixing plans too early? My in-laws’ plans for a quiet wedding in 1966 needed a tweak when England made it into the World Cup Final on their wedding day.  Do you really think we can predict the future and, if not, do we have contracts that are flexible enough to stay

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