Month: November 2021

Sarah Fox

The Dotted Line: It needs to change

Most contracts make your heart sink – they are devoid of personality and bland. They focus on actions not emotions. Most contracts could be sent by any anonymous global corporate. Perhaps we should change that? Read the full edition here Can your contract be a ticket of trust?

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Better information management

Building information modelling is often referred to as better information management. Even before we were regularly using BIM and the technology that enables the data sharing and processes, there were projects from which we could have learnt. Although I am no designer, this post merely passes on some tips from

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Skill and care: no guarantee

The issue of quality is a thorny one on construction projects and covers everything from the construction process, to use and performance. The two main standards are reasonable skill and care, or fitness for purpose. Unless a contract clearly specifies a different standard, then you may have to rely on

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