Month: January 2022

Smart contracts and trust

As you know, I believe one of the key things missing from contractual relationships is trust. The prevailing view is that smart contracts will assist with that. But is that really true? Trust in digital In my digital-first survey, trust with contracting partners was most closely associated with companies the

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Sarah Fox

The Dotted Line: Give some TLC

As you know, I am obsessed with T&C. After a talk about simple contracts for PSA Yorkshire, a lady in my audience suggested I start to weave in “TLC” into my content. I wasn’t such a big leap of inspiration as I was already proposing using just 500 words… aka

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Data-driven contracting

My 2020 survey asked more than 50 respondents across the globe and different sectors to consider various issues on digital-first contracting. From my studies on the legal technology and innovation certificate, I was aware that data should drive techno-contracting. Algorithms depend on and use historical information in the form of

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Are we ready for techno-contracting?

In the last decade, advances in technology have significantly changed our lives, from our homes to our businesses. Techno-contracting – the use of AI, machine learning or blockchain – will change the way businesses write, create, review, negotiate and sign business deals. 2020 saw a massive increase in the use

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