Month: February 2022

Contracts as communication tools

We have never met anyone without a legal background who enjoys working with contracts So starts a 2013 paper by Stefania Passera and Helena Haapio which rues the fact that contracts have become stuff for lawyers rather than as a framework for successful deals and the relationships between a supply

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Sarah Fox

The Dotted Line: A better approach

The traditional image of contracts was between masters and servants. But in this hyper-connected world, we need a new approach. A better contractual approach is based on liberal generosity. Read the full edition here Learning to roll with the punches… contractually:

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A contractual invoice

There is no point having a simple and effective set of terms and conditions (T&C) if you don’t manage to get them included in your contracts. If you haven’t managed to get a contract signed, can T&C printed on the reverse of your invoices count? Incorporating T&C There are a

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A pinch of spice?

Contracting is more than just signing a legal document. Contracting is more than my three stages of planning, creating and using that document. Contracting is a process – from the twinkle in a project sponsor’s eye to the project’s successful use. But in the UK construction industry we are not

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Extremely difficult to apply

On the front flap of A New Approach to the Standard Form of Building Contract (which refers to the 1963 RIBA form), the publishers say: By the nature of its legal terminology and complex provisions, [the form] is extremely difficult to apply in everyday practice without constant advice The book

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