Month: March 2022

Time to give up?

How long do you have to give a recalcitrant contractor to get their act together, before you are allowed to give up and get someone else to finish your project? The issue of termination is fraught with pitfalls, but cases can help you understand your rights. Cheating on a client

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Sarah Fox

The Dotted Line: Do you read them?

How many of you read the on-line terms and conditions? According to data from PLAIN it is less than 0.22% who even bother to skim read them. If your contract is a tool to help you do business, it should be one that readers pay attention to. Read the full

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What’s it worth?

Construction disputes are a great source of lessons for everyone in the sector. But we must remember that those stories may be tragedies for the parties, especially individuals. As a lawyer, I am often asked to comment on friends’ issues and, having listened to their litany of woes – my

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Is plain language enough?

There is a growing global movement towards plain language contracts, especially for individuals or consumers. What does plain language mean and is it enough? What is plain language? According to the Plain Language Federation (and this is the definition in the proposed new ISO on the topic): A communication is

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The crux of your contract claims

The 2021 HKA Crux Insight Report into lessons learnt from claims and disputes highlights a number of common global causes of engineering and construction claims. The purpose of the report (according to its Foreword) is to offer: actionable insight and suggestions to help owners, contractors and the supply chain navigate

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