Month: May 2022

Simple remedies – pre-agreed damages

One of my 10 essentials for a construction contract is to agree the remedies one party will have if the other breaches the contract. A common remedy for construction contracts is to agree damages payable for a specific  breach. Typically these are the employer’s remedy for delays to completion, but

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Sarah Fox

The Dotted Line: Well duh!

When I created my first 500-word contract, some of the feedback I got from lawyers was that it was too short and didn’t cover everything. Well duh! At just 500 words it cannot be fully comprehensive, but it can be far more comprehensible. Read the full edition here How can you be more

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Subcontractors and their design responsibility

A subcontractor on an anerobic digestion facility seems to have found itself in hot water when the tanks it had designed and supplied failed during testing. The main contractor (DBE Energy) had asked Biogas to provide mechanical and process design services for the facility, without any contract being signed or

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