Month: June 2022

Steps to simplifying contracts

We need contracts that are easy to operate and easy to use to gather relevant data. Simplification deals with the easy to operate bit. At the World Commerce and Contracting EMEA Summit 2022, Stefania Passera, their designer-in-residence challenged her audience of contract and procurement specialists to rethink contracts. She suggested

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Focus on process

The top contract and commercial management priority for the engineering and construction companies globally is to improve their internal processes (67% of the 51 respondents to the World Commerce and Contracting Benchmark CCM Survey). Our weaknesses Despite wanting to improve their processes: the majority won’t adopt new tools and systems

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Beyond a simple contract

Although I am a fervent advocate for simpler contracts [see better contracts by design, or steps to simplification], for many businesses a simple document in MS Word is no longer enough. In 2017, I helped The Federation of Master Builders move from complex text documents to adobe forms (an editable

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Sarah Fox

The Dotted Line: Is it a quick one?

Whatever the truth about our attention span, most readers are inherently time-constrained and only interested in what’s-in-it-for-me. So how do you write a contract so it is quick to use? Read the full edition here If your contract is in plain language, what more do you need to make it

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Seamless schmoozing

I’ve said it before, and it’s worth repeating… until they sign on the dotted line they are not a client, they are a prospect. So your contract is part of your marketing resources – a seamless set of resources, on-line and off-line collateral and actions, that reflect your brand. What

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