Month: June 2023

Can you suspend works or services?

If you don’t get paid or your client is in breach of contract, can you just stop work? It can be exceeedingly expensive to get this legal issue wrong! Stop or continue? Under English law, and assuming there is no express term or statutory provision* which allows suspension: the innocent

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Sarah Fox

The Dotted Line: Can I just…?

How many times are you about to seal a deal when someone pops up with ‘and if I can just get you to sign here, here and here…’ without even giving you a chance to read what you’re signing? Or you start work and find that your invoice can’t be

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Arm wrestle or bake off? Better ways to resolve disputes

In 1992, two C-Suite executives from US airlines took to the ring to wrestle out a dispute about trade marks. More than a quarter of a century later, what can companies learn from this? 3 key lessons The first lesson is about deciding a strategy. This wasn’t really about the

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Create a clear payment process

Money… in the form of late, incomplete or missed payments is one of the biggest causes of dispute (World Commerce and Contracting Most Negotiated Terms Report 2022). It is critical that both parties to a deal know: when, to which individual and in what format the supplier must apply for

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Clarity in crisis

If your contractual relationship starts to deterioriate and it feels like a dispute is brewing, you may be able to rely on your contract. A good contract will provide a clear roadmap for how you can resolve any niggles, rows or disputes, while trying to keep your relationship from failing

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