Month: August 2023

The letter of intent graveyard – clauses you don’t need

The City of London Law Society Standard Form of Letter of Intent combines four distinct categories: a record of the current state of negotiations on the intended ‘full’ contract a fall-back position if the full contract is never signed financial limits on the payer’s liability, and a simple contract for

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Sarah Fox

The Dotted Line: How do you actually do business?

Do you fail to plan the next steps once you’ve agreed a deal in principle? Even if you do (and congratulate yourself for having plans), just as in war: no plan survives first contact with the other side. Your processes for converting a sale or completing a deal need to reflect

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What you need to know about letters of intent

Bringing together my posts on letters of intent in one ‘executive summary’. When, how and whether you should use a letter of intent This post draws on advice from a judge about whether a letter of intent is wrong in principle; if not, when it is appropriate to use one;

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