Month: September 2023

Sarah Fox

The Dotted Line: It’s a red herring

Autumn here brings me a new cohort of students who are starting the University of Salford’s Masters in Construction Law. I am the tutor for the first module, on English contract law and we have been discussing the requirements for a contract. It never ceases to surprise me how often

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Use a simple letter of intent for speed

The fundamental purpose of a letter of intent is to help you do business by getting your project underway quickly. There is a right way to start your project quickly and a wrong way. Why recycling is bad! Let’s assume you (acting for the paying party, whether that’s the developer/client

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More paperwork, no solutions

Collateral warranties (if you don’t know what they are, read what is a collateral warranty) are common on UK construction projects. The problem that they were designed to address is that if the works or services are performed defectively then it won’t necessarily be the employer of the wrongdoers who

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What is a collateral warranty?

A collateral warranty is a simple document designed to create contractual links between the provider of goods, works or services (the warrantor) and a party with a financial interest in the project (the stakeholder). [This definition is taken from the Introduction to How to Write Simple and Effective Collateral Warranties

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Be clear to avoid ambiguity

Although it was over 200 pages (with 30 pages of defined terms), given that it had been through 21 iterations and redrafts, you would have thought the lawyers would have ironed out all the wrinkles and resolved any drafting issues… or not! A contract relating to joint ventures and letters

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