Collected at last, links to my LinkedIn posts on letters of intent

A How Can You Accept a Letter of Intent What is the legal equivalent of ‘hell yes’?

B What to Do Before Sending A Letter of Intent Searching questions to check a letter of intent is the right strategy

C 4 Critical Contents for Contract Certainty  The four items you need, and for questions to ask, to create a contract which is certain

D Is Your Letter of Intent a ‘Disaster Waiting to Happen’? 3 tips to ensure your letter of end does not end in disaster

E Eco-Friendly is Bad! Why you should NOT recycle, at least when it comes to letters of intent

F Five Steps to Success with Letters of Intent Simple steps to getting it right

G Good Luck With That Approach! Summarising when you should NOT use a letter of intent

H Use Heads of Terms Instead of Letters of Intent An alternative document which might be a better strategy

I What’s Your Intention? What the phrase subject to contract really means

J Just Say No! Agree first and start work later

K Know Your Limits Do limits in letters of intent work?

L Love Letters for Lawyers Why make work for lawyers?

M Modelling Excellence Avoids Letters of Intent How can we avoid using them?

N No Contract? No Problem! Why you should not start work without any contract

O When is Your Offer a Contract in Disguise? How to avoid accepting the tender and creating the full contract

P What’s A Few £Pounds Between Friends? Understanding how letters of intent fail on price

Q Question Everything How to avoid the couch of complacency

R Take Only Necessary Risks Which risk should you really avoid?

S Speed is of the Essence Why your letter should have liquidated damages

T Which Comes First: Trust or Simple Contracts? Chicken or egg?

U The Role of Uncertainty in Construction How/can we control uncertainty for clients

V How does VUCA apply to Letters of Intent? Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity

W Use Words Carefully Stop when you have enough

XYZ What makes a good ending for a letter of intent? (Shhh…No spoilers for this one!)

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