On 17 August 2016 Sarah published her first book aimed at ensuring construction specialists can write their own contracts in just 500 words; it focused on letters of intent. On 9 July 2017, Sarah published the second book in the series, on consultant appointments.

The series comprises short no-nonsense plain language guides for non-lawyers on how to write specific construction contracts.

Book 1 coverBook 1: Letters of Intent

These are short construction contracts in the form of a letter and are used in the construction industry as a quick fix to allow the contractor to start work on a project before the proper contract is ready. Most advisers simply tell clients to avoid them not how to write and use them wisely.  The majority of letters of intent are recycled (garbage). This book takes a different approach.

Tony Bingham, a respected commentator and long-term advocate of simple contracts said “I confess that once I had read Sarah’s practical guide (that’s what it is), I began to shed my shivers, warm to this hitherto famous area for disputes.

Order your paperback or kindle copy of How to Write Simple and Effective Letters of Intent in Just 500 Words from Amazon.

“This is an really well written and extremely helpful book for any company that needs to write letters of intent. I will definitely be applying these principles to the next LOI I draft or review to save my company from the pitfalls Sarah highlights.” Justine Brazil, General Counsel, Willmott Dixon PLC

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Book 2 coverBook 2: Consultant Appointments

These are contracts between consultants and their clients, also sometimes in the form of a letter. The majority are based on documents from professional bodies written on a one-size-fits-all approach. They don’t explain what it’s like to work with your consultancy, what’s special about you and how you help your clients meet their aims. They are based on minimising risk not managing client expectations. This book puts your client centre stage.

Su Butcher, from Just Practising Ltd, an expert in running construction consultancies said “If I had had this brilliant and compact book by Sarah Fox fifteen years ago, it would have saved my firms hundreds of hours of agony and procrastination.”

Order your paperback or kindle copy of How to Write Simple and Effective Consultant Appointments in Just 500 Words from Amazon.

This book is easy and compelling reading. The contents provides so much guidance for the consultant, I will be recommending this to our peers and clients. The checklist at the end makes the whole process simple. The little anecdotes and case studies brings the subject to life.” Bill Evans, Managing Director, D2E International VT Consultants

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