To make letters of intent really work for you, you need a fast but fool-proof process. My step-by-step process will guide you to success with letters of intent work is split into two stages:

  1. the actions you take BEFORE you send a letter of intent and
  2. the actions you take AFTER you send a letter of intent.

Before you send your letter of intent, you should check whether the letter of intent you need to send is ‘good to go’ or a ‘disaster waiting to happen.’ That’s where my STAR Checklist comes in. Once you’ve used that Checklist, you may need to

  • build a new letter of intent from scratch
  • reconsider a few areas to build a better letter of intent. You can learn more in video 1 in my three-part video series
  • do nothing as your letter is ready to go.

Once you’ve got STAR content, you need to ask some searching questions to see if it really is sensible to use your letter of intent. Stage 1 requires you to receive the letter, review it, revise it and research using it.

After you send your letter of intent, you could cross your fingers and hope the project contract gets signed. A more sensible option is to learn what NOT to do to avoid your letter of intent rumbling on … and on. You can learn more in video 2 in my three-part video series. Lastly, you need to understand the risks involved with letters of intent so you can side-step them both now and in the future. That’s where video 3 of my three-part video series can help. Stage 2 involves you sending your STAR letter, supporting the signing of the full contract and side-stepping the pitfalls. You can learn how to make letters of intent work for you. My three-part video series takes you through those steps in enough detail to help you avoid the key risks of using a letter of intent. It will make you think of letters of intent differently, which will put you on the path to project success!

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