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Review your bond: is it on demand?

Being the recipient of a bond is a little like being given a betting slip. The bond, of which you are now a proud owner, promises much. It may even be the key to huge wealth. Or, in the end, it may prove to be a worthless piece of paper.

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Critical questions for reviewing collateral warranties

Warranties, in construction, are unusual documents. The two parties (the companies who sign the warranty) rarely meet and have little communication with and no control over each other. A warranty is: a contract entered into between a member of the project team (the warrantor) and a tenant, purchaser or funder

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Review your bond: does it need insolvency?

A bond is a contract which allows the recipient (the employer) to bring a claim against the bondsman (a bank or insurance company) if a ‘trigger event’ occurs during the construction project. The precise rules for bringing a claim depend on the words of the bond itself. Getting paid under

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