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Extremely difficult to apply

On the front flap of A New Approach to the Standard Form of Building Contract (which refers to the 1963 RIBA form), the publishers say: By the nature of its legal terminology and complex provisions, [the form] is extremely difficult to apply in everyday practice without constant advice The book

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Smart contracts and trust

As you know, I believe one of the key things missing from contractual relationships is trust. The prevailing view is that smart contracts will assist with that. But is that really true? Trust in digital In my digital-first survey, trust with contracting partners was most closely associated with companies the

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Better information management

Building information modelling is often referred to as better information management. Even before we were regularly using BIM and the technology that enables the data sharing and processes, there were projects from which we could have learnt. Although I am no designer, this post merely passes on some tips from

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