The UK Government’s Construction Playbook has 14 key policies for reforming and modernising aspects of public sector projects (and perhaps, with luck and trickle down, the private sector too). However, it will need some robust contract tools to bring those ideas to fruition.

In a series of posts, I consider how contracts will need to change to adequately respond to the Playbook’s policies or themes.

A contract revolution?

As part of a Constructing Excellence event, I delivered my 6+ minutes pecha kucha style on what the Playbook means for contracts. You can watch the other speakers here.

What should you do?

Don’t assume a few tweaks will ensure your current favourite contracts will meet the needs of the Playbook. It won’t.

Don’t assume that all the policies in the Playbook are mutually consistent. They aren’t.

Do consider how the relevant policies for your project can best be reflected in a contract so that the parties (and contract administrator) can read the new provisions, understand how to implement them and what it means for them, and use those provisions successfully.

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