Are you a construction specialist who is tired of long, adversarial and complex contracts?

We can help you write simpler contracts to build strong trusting relationships and successful projects.

Instead of consigning your contracts to a shelf to get dusty, we believe that you need contracts to be living documents that help you do business. Back in 2012, Sarah set about re-writing the rule book – starting with a blank sheet of paper and her favourite purple-inked fountain pen, to create the first of what is now a series of 500-Word Contracts™.

This idea has taken Sarah on roller-coaster journey from the murky depths of standard forms to the heady heights of the international plain language movement. Her series of 500-word construction contracts and (soon to be) accompanying books are designed so that you can read, understand and use them. Her 500-word contracts include:

If you want to save time, get to yes quicker and ensure your contracts helps you do business, read how we saved Raynes Architecture Ltd 75% of the time previously spent agreeing contracts with clients.

Her first book is being written, with a working title of “Just 500 Words! How You Can (and Why You Should) Write Simpler Letters of Intent.”