If you work in the construction industry then you may be wondering why we need another form of contract. To be honest, I don’t think we do. But, that rather supposes the existing standard or model forms of contract are fit for purpose. As a contract user, you may not read the current standard forms, find it hard to understand them and so place them in a drawer to be brought out only when there is a dispute. Does that make those standard form ‘fit for purpose’? I think not. For more on this debate, see my article in ICES Construction Law Review 2013.

The content started with a blank sheet of paper and my 10 essentials.

I wanted the contract to include all the key details in a simple format, which didn’t look or feel like a contract. So I asked an information designer to create it like a poster.

I would rather the 500-Word Contract™ was pinned to your wall (even if it does get used as a dartboard when things go wrong) than shoved in your drawer.

By using a simple bold structure, clear words and no jargon, the 500 Word Contract™ will give you confidence that you can understand what it requires and implement its terms.

The benefits are clear:


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