Why Do We Do What We Do?

We want your contracts to help you do business – by creating trusting, collaborative partnerships.

We’re not publishers, advocates, or writers of contracts that are long, adversarial or complex. These contracts inevitably lead to dissatisfaction, debates and disputes.

We believe:

  1. You should only agree to contracts that you can read, use and understand.
  2. What you (whether an individual or a business) want from your contracts is not what you get.
  3. Contracts can – and should – reinforce best practice and change bad practice.
  4. Trust is created by the way you write your contract as well as how you negotiate and use it.
  5. You can and should write, understand and use 500-word contracts.

If you agree, then contact us or comment below and join us on our mission to rid the construction industry of contracts which sit lonely in drawers, or get dusty on shelves – unread,unloved and unused. Instead, let’s have contracts you can fall in love with!

If you’d like to know more about our approach to contracts, listen to Sarah’s Your BFG podcast hosted by David Hyner and Mike Pagan.