Is your contracting easy for clients?

I love it when ideas from another industry make sense for contracts.

Gavin Scott of Loaf training was talking at the Professional Speaking Association about customer service. He said that 34% of client loyalty comes from being easy to deal with.


Contracts are one of the first elements of customer service (as they mark the change between being a prospect and being a customer).

What should you do?

So what does the ‘make it easy‘ mean for contracts? This HBR article says that you should:

  • head off issues (your contract should explain how you will quickly and fairly deal with dissatisfied customers, perhaps with a money-back guarantee?)
  • consider the emotional impact of what you do on your customers (your contract should be both legally intelligent and emotionally intelligent too)
  • minimise customer confusion (your contract should be simple)
  • get feedback to make it even easier next time (we are doing this in a project to revise the contract suite for the Federation of Master Builders – asking members what would make it easy for them)
  • deliver a low-effort experience (create one simple single document which you can email to clients and get a reply which seals the deal, rather than getting dragged into a battle of the forms).

Why make the process of contracting difficult as well as the content?

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