Working with 500 Words – General FAQs

What would it be like to work with 500 Words? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions…

  • Who do we work with? Our work focuses on the UK construction and engineering sector. We review/write contracts relating to construction and engineering projects, design and deliver workshops for companies in this sector and typically talk to audiences from this sector.
  • What contracts do we have expertise in? Typically, our contract writing work involves specialist subcontracts, contracts for smaller projects, appointments, terms and conditions, letters of intent and warranties. We review any of the standard forms as amended by lawyers and their annexed documents. We do not dabble in writing or reviewing all contracts needed by a business in that sector – we can refer you to a trusted specialist, particularly for writing or advice on employment contracts.
  • Do we help with disputes? We can review contracts for existing clients that are in dispute for the limited purpose of describing what your legal rights and remedies under that contract are. For everything else, we can refer you to a trusted specialist, particularly if you want strategic dispute resolution advice.
  • What are your terms? These differ according to whether you want our help with contracts or to deliver an event. Before we start any work, we will confirm our agreement in a formal or informal proposal.
  • Who will be doing the work? Sarah Fox is the project lead and she may involve any of our specialist associates such as Rob – our information designer, Fran – our contract visualisation expert, Emma – our writing expert, or John – our contract awareness workshop facilitator. We will let you know who will be involved when we have agreed the scope you need.

For contracts

Please read our contract FAQs to find out how whether we can help you and how we tick!

As a speaker

If you want to ask Sarah to speak at your event, give a talk to your audience, or deliver a workshop, then please visit our speaker pages which tell you everything you need to know.

Sarah is a professional speaker which means she gets paid a fee for sharing her expertise. She commits to a limited number of no-fee or showcase events annually but will always need a value-exchange beyond simple ‘exposure’. Exposure has never paid our bills!

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