I’ve been speaking to construction audiences about contracts, construction law and trust for nearly 20 years. I have spoken to audiences from 5 to 500, whether engineers, project managers, consultants, technicians, contract managers or even construction lawyers.

What you need is a presentation that entertains, helps you understand the context for contracts, teaches you something you don’t know and has you itching to change after the lights have faded.

You will understand

You will learn how you can want to write simpler contracts to help build trust and collaborate with your contract partners, or how to quickly use our STAR process to review the contracts your partners send to you.

Rather than dull, dry and dusty, you will be taken through real-life projects to learn how not to deal with delays (Wembley), how to manage and anticipate changes in scope (Richard III), how to manage contractor insolvency (the Cube), or design defects (the Cheesegrater) and many more.