Expert masterclasses, expertly delivered

Giving you confidence with contracts

Do you worry about what the words in your contracts mean? Are your deals getting stuck and not signed before you start work?

I’ve delivered masterclasses (face-to-face or virtual) and spoken in the Middle East, Europe and the UK. I’ve lectured on construction contract law for over a decade for undergraduate and post-graduate students from all corners of the world. I’ve created bespoke events that really deliver results.

Inspiring you to think differently about contracts

Don’t just learn about contracting – live it. Get masterclasses that give you tips, tools and techniques that last.

As a lawyer and qualified trainer, I know your team needs practical tips. I work with your processes, your content and your values to ensure your team changes how it works immediately the masterclass ends.

Jacob Wardrop, Mail Manager

A lady wearing a berry-coloured top and holding a single page (500-word) speaker contract in front of her
Photo of lady in burgundy dress sat in front of a laptop and smiling

Do your deals stutter? Do relationships get sabotaged by paperwork? Does this cost your business?

Let me or my associates help your team master the art of contracting – from first contact to contract success.

“Your workshop was one of the most engaging, thought-provoking and fun sessions I have attended.”
Mark Brain
Director, Faithful + Gould
“As you'd expect from a lawyer, her talk was evidence-based, focused on her audience, and compelling. It was also full of practical tools and tips.”
Helene Russell
The Knowledge Business