Sarah Fox

Can it be done? Can I do it?

These were the questions that bothered me when as I contemplated a succinct, simple and user-friendly contract.

Could a simple contract really replace all the complex convoluted ones that I had battled with over the years, and still safeguard your business?

I didn’t take what existed and cut it down. I started with a blank sheet of paper and only added words that were essential. After a bucket of coffee and hours of brain-ache… one day, there it was – the very first 500-word contract.

It wasn’t exactly an overnight success. Not everyone liked it – some people actively argued against it, as it challenged what they thought they knew about contract law.

500 words is here to help. To help you to build strong foundations for your business. To help you plan, create and use simple contracts and simple communication. To help your project start with clarity, understanding and trust.

A photo of Sarah Fox, a lady in a purple top leaning on her arms, which are on a white table. She wears a bold purple flower necklace and glasses. She is smiling with her mouth wide open.

I love simplicity
I love helping you think differently about boring legal stuff
I love creating contracts to help you do business

A lady (Sarah Fox) wears a purple jumper and purple-rimmed glasses. She is smiling and gesticulating with her hands.
A logo of a purple box with black I, teal heart and underneath black T&C

But who am I to lead this bold and brave initiative?

I am a construction lawyer with over twenty years’ experience. I’ve read hundreds of contracts, letters of intent, terms and conditions – all so that you don’t have to. I have worked in the UK and abroad. I have worked for clients from one-woman practices to global law firms, from specialist subcontractors to trade associations.

Anyone who wants more (understanding) from less (contracts).

I can guide you. I’ve explored every nook and cranny of construction contracts, contract law and plain language.

I have seen for myself the mess that complex convoluted contracts lead to and it’s not a pretty sight. Disputes cost the construction industry billions (pounds, dollars, yen) each year. You can reduce your costs by starting your projects with simple effective contracts. Contracts that everyone can read, understand and – more importantly – use.

To launch this bold and brave initiative, I’ve written books (on how to write simple letters of intentconsultant appointments, collateral warranties and small works contracts), created numerous free resources, spoken at in the UK and internationally (from local events to major conferences), and consulted with organisations throughout the supply chain.

Watch this space as I am leading a cross-disciplinary digital contracts project, collaborating to provide a digital contract platform, and I want to write my final book in the Just 500 Words series next 12 months.