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You’ll learn how simplicity creates trust and avoids barriers to doing business. Simpler contracting provides your team, your clients and your suppliers with certainty of cost, process and outcome. All Sarah’s talks are illustrated with props, examples from your sector and global tales to bring the content to life.

Your team or audience will start to:

Making deals simple

Why use 50,000 words when 500 will do?

Your audience will be inspired to review their contracts, T&C and small print. Sarah will showcase the latest examples of radically simple contracts instead of the norm ie complex, paper-based and adversarial. She will draw on global examples across sectors to ensure the content is relevant to your audience.

Smart contracting - the emperor’s new clothes?

Your audience needs to use existing tools and processes more effectively before it implements new digital systems. Sarah considers whether the current move towards smart contracts or AI-based contract creation is actually just ‘the emperor’s new clothes’. Sarah will draw on her global research to help your audience learn from different sectors and countries.

Never sign on the dotted line... contracts are about trust not terms

Deals are really about business relationships. The contracts are not the thing – they’re often a distraction from creating trust with your clients and suppliers. Sarah will discuss how trust should always come first when considering the systems, branding and content you use to create deals.

How to write contracts so prospects say yes, fast

Deal-making is notoriously slow and over-engineered. Your audience needs tips it can implement immediately and without worrying about what the legal team will say. Sarah will explain how simplifying your deals can radically improve your return on investment – getting the value to your clients and the profit into your business fast.