Speaking: Topics you need

You’ll learn how simplicity creates trust and avoids disputes. Digital contracts provide you and your clients with certainty of cost, process and outcome. All Sarah’s talks are illustrated with legal cases, cautionary tales, your own documents and more to bring the content to life.

Isn’t it time your contracts were fit for the 21st century?

Your delegates will learn how to:


Making contracts accessible

Sarah will illustrate how your contracts can be made more accessible using your examples, your processes and platforms you have access to. For IACCM, Sarah considered construction contracts as well as examples from the IACCM pattern library.

Why use 50,000 words when 500 will do?

Sarah will discuss the latest examples of contracts which have moved away from being complex, paper-based and adversarial to those which are simple, digital and trust-enhancing. She will draw on examples across the globe and across sectors to create a relevant set to inspire your audience to think and act differently.

Digital contracts

Digital contracts - the emperor’s new clothes?

Sarah considers whether smart contracts are in the emperor’s new clothes and how changes in technology, language and conduct will affect the future of contracting. Sarah will draw on her global research to help your audience learn from different sectors and countries.

If banking can go digital, why not construction?

It has taken 150 years and a global pandemic for UK construction contracts to move from paper-based wet-signed to electronic and e-signed. Sarah considers what is next for digital contracts.


Never sign on the dotted line... contracts are about trust not terms

One insight from the 2020 pandemic is that contracts did not contain all the answers. The UK government had to publish guidance asking parties to work together, act fairly and responsibly and collaborate on finding solutions. Sarah will illustrate her talk with examples which will surprise horrify and inspire your audience to focus on building trust.

From Captive Cult to Culture Change

The biggest change required to ensure contracts safeguard your business is not related to technology or simplicity but is cultural. Sarah will discuss the difference between cult and culture, the challenges you face and the importance of cultivating the skills to allow you to embrace those innovations.