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Assigning a building contract

Assignment involves the transfer of complicated rights and requires you to be incredibly careful. Once you know what can be assigned, you need to look out for the traps! Historically, the courts were troubled by cases involving whether or not the assignment was subject to consent (if you failed to

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Avoid disputes with records

Having considered how a clear contract can help you avoid disputes, Susannah Lee, an expert disputes solicitor,  looks at how disputes can be won and lost with records. Records are an essential (if boring) part of contract management. Max Abrahamson wrote A party to a dispute… will learn three lessons

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Using letters of intent successfully

To make letters of intent really work for you, you need a fast but fool-proof process. There are two critical stages: what you do before you send a letter of intent and what you do after. Before you send it You should check whether the letter of intent you need

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Busting your variation myths

A contract for the execution of work confers on the contractor not only the duty to carry out the work but the corresponding right to be able to complete the work which it contracted to carry out… contracts contain provisions to enable the employer to vary the work in order

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When letters of intent go wrong: the funder perspective

On any construction project, there is likely to be a funder, who lends money to the client for the purposes of getting the development completed. The funder will assess the viability of a project based on factors including: size of the loan ie the amount of money the client needs

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When letters of intent go wrong: the advisers’ perspective

Letters of intent can be recommended in specific circumstances: in view of the perceived importance of achieving early completion and, specifically, early commencement of the works, it was acceptable to advise commencing [the project] under a letter of intent rather than waiting until a formal building contract could be executed.”

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Review the risk in using a letter of intent

Although there are a number of pitfalls with letters of intent, the key risk is that the full contract is never signed. A letter of intent is used to get the project started quickly, but it is only intended to be a temporary stop-gap. So why don’t the parties get

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