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What can a client recover under IChemE Red Book?

As my introductory post on IChemE sets out, there are some significant limits under the Red Book on the rights of the purchaser to recover losses. What can you do about it? This post considers the purchaser’s remedies. Remedies As the purchaser – either yourself or through the project manager

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Role of the PM under the IChemE Red Book

The role of the Project Manager under the Red Book is a balancing act (like any contract administrator). Firstly, they act as agent for the purchaser. The PM has full authority to act on behalf of the purchaser (with a few exceptions) and must act reasonably and in a timely

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Why choose the IChemE Red Book?

The IChemE Red Book is a lump sum contract setting out general conditions for the design and building of process plant. This post discusses  some of the aspects you need to consider when choosing the Red Book as part of your contract strategy. Introducing the Red Book The Red Book

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