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The art of writing a readable contract

In ‘the Art of Readable Writing’ (1949) Rudolph Flesch provides advice that applies to writers of legal documents as well as blog posts, books, and other media. Here are some of his tips, with relevant legal examples, to help you write contracts that others can read, understand and use. Benefits

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Don’t copy & paste

When you’ve just set up your business, you don’t often have the money to spend on the ‘luxury’ of a lawyer to write your contract for you. However, what you really shouldn’t do is blindly copy terms off friends, clients, suppliers, the internet or from the back of a holiday

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Tell stories with your contract

If we can tell stories in our business marketing then we can tell stories with our contract terms… The show will (probably) go on Strictly Come Dancing (a BBC TV show) includes a public vote and it’s T&C have improved from their original lengthy version. I think they could tell

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