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Limits on the contractor’s liability under MF/1

MF/1 is a balanced contract providing plenty of opportunities for the purchaser to check the performance of the works – through three series of tests – before the contractor is released from liability.  It also clearly sets out limits on the contractor’s obligations. Limits on scope If you are acting

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What can a client recover under MF/1?

As my introductory blog on MF/1 sets out, there are some significant limits under MF/1 on the rights of the purchaser (client or employer) to recover losses. What can you do about it? This blog considers the purchaser’s remedies. Remedies As the purchaser, you – either yourself or through the

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Role of the Engineer under MF/1

The Engineer’s role under MF/1 (like any contract administrator) is a balancing act. Firstly, they are an agent for the purchaser, as well as an employee. The engineer issues ‘certificates, decisions, instructions and orders’ (clause 2.1) but only as set out in the contract. The engineer’s authority derives from the

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