Get More TLC: #23: How confident are you?

When I first started providing contract workshops, many of my courses were titled Confidence with Contracts. I’ve since created public resources on my website and on slideshare, and now client-only resources on my exclusive Client Hub.

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Tools for Legal Confidence

When you want to get good at your own contracting, you’ll need to consider two key aspects:

  • Your process – how do clients and suppliers get into contract with you and move from interested to invested?
  • Your content – how easy is it for your team, your clients and suppliers to read, understand and use your contracts?

As my clients you already have simpler contract content and we have no doubt discussed how your processes need to support your new contracts. There’s no point having great content if you can never get it signed or agreed! Of course as they say ‘no plan survives its first contact with the enemy’ which is why I offer to review client or supplier comments for 3 months after you get your first drafts and start to use them.

However, that’s not to mean you won’t get jargon sent to you that you don’t understand, clauses in your own contracts that you’ve forgotten how to use, or tips for simplifying your processes further.  I’ve archived and tagged previous editions of this newsletter in the Get More TLC Hub. Access requires a password: tlc500.  If there’s something missing that you need to know more about, let me know and I will add it to my topics for future editions. 

Do you ever think SOD IT when it comes to contracts? Watch out for my version of this acronym: