In my column for Construction Manager Magazine, I have provided a series of tips for anyone reading, writing or reviewing construction contracts.

What should you do?

In my fortnightly newsletter (subscribe here), I focused on tips each edition on spotting showstoppers, building trust, avoiding disputes, and keeping contracts simple. My top tips from 2017 for each of those topics are:

  1. Showstoppers: delete showstoppers and jargon from your contract so you know what you are signing up to [read more]
  2. Trust: use a simple clear contract and promise high but achievable standards [read more]
  3. Disputes: create contracts you can read, understand and use [read more]
  4. Simplicity: keep editing your contracts until they are clear and simple, and delete any terms you have copied [read more]

What’s your top tip for better contracts?

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