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Learn how to quickly check whether your letter of intent is 'good to go' or 'a disaster waiting to happen' - tips that could have saved ADT £110m!

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If you’re in the UK construction industry then you probably have a love/hate relationship with letters of intent… you love to use them but hate the consequences. They’re mini-contracts with major problems.

  • Have you ever written a letter of intent in a hurry on a Friday afternoon, because works HAVE to start on a Monday?
  • Have you had to negotiate a letter of intent when you felt unsure what you were doing but under huge pressure to get it agreed?
  • Before you started, were you sure if your first version or even the final agreed letter of intent was any good?

When time is tight, you won’t have time to instruct lawyers. You could search google but it won’t give you any answers.

What you need, when you get that request or your in-box pings with a letter of intent, is a fast and fool-proof tool to check whether that letter of intent is ‘good to go’ or a ‘disaster waiting to happen’.

If you type your email address in the box on this page, you can get that tool – my STAR checklist….

By answering 10 simple questions you can decide, in a matter of moments, whether to sign on the dotted line, make a few quick changes, or scrap it and start again.

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