Simple construction contracts safeguard your business

Construction is crammed with complex contracts - but it doesn't have to be that way. Introducing the 500-word contract...

What Will 500 Words Do For You?


“Whilst some experts might obfuscate to keep it complicated, Sarah will help you understand a complex world in simple terms”
Thomas Lindner, Building Information Strategy, Holden River Consultants


“The training Sarah provided was extremely clear, interesting and eye opening. The knowledge Sarah has passed on to us has given the team the confidence to ensure that our contracts work well for all parties involved.”
Amy Dacres-Dixon, Associate, D2E


“My original T&C left me wide open and could easily have put me out of business. Sarah limited my liability and her new proposal letter attracts more work at higher fees”
Kevin Shone, Chartered Architectural Technologist

If you're thinking you can't write a contract in just 500 words, you're not alone. Sarah has... read on.

Don't Just Sign on the Dotted Line

Take your first steps with 500-word contracts by:

  • Reading one of her books
  • Booking her to deliver a bespoke workshop
  • Inviting her to enliven your conference
  • Asking her to review your (worst ever) contract

Why Choose Simple Contracts?

1. Simple contracts build trust

A simple contract manages expectations and leaves no room for nasties hiding in the small print.

2. Simple contracts avoid disputes

A simple contract is easy to read and understand – giving you and your clients confidence.

3. Simple contracts safeguard your business

A simple contract is a roadmap for the parties without making you bet your business on a project.