Helping construction specialists simplify their contract processes and contracts to build trust and avoid disputes.

Construction firms waste months and spend millions annually agreeing construction contracts that you cannot read, understand or use. Do you struggle to know if a contract is 'good to go' or a disaster waiting to happen? Do you negotiate complex contracts which you never read and simply don't know what to do with them? Do your staff apply the one-size-fits-all approach to contract management?


If contracts are meant to help you do business, why are they so awful? Construction contracts are both staggeringly complex and incredibly familiar. Sarah helps audiences to use contracts as invaluable tools to build trust and collaboration during projects. You’ll learn how to start a project as you mean to go on; the myths and temptations of writing contracts; and how to avoid the 3 key causes of disputes.


Drawing on her 20 years’ experience with construction contracts from 4-400 pages, Sarah guides you through the depths of the small print. You can learn how to form a contract (intentionally), quickly review any contract, understand, adapt & negotiate specific terms to suit your business’ needs, use contract procedures properly when changes occur, and manage disputes so they don’t end up in court.

Strategic Advice

Instead of delegating a key part of your business’ brand and your customers’ experience to a lawyer, Sarah can work with you to simplify your contract processes and contracts. Your T&C will showcase your expertise while protecting your legal interests. Your processes will be client-friendly, strategic and ensure that your business creates contracts that your clients can read, understand and use, at the right time!

Connect with Sarah

Sarah shares her insights into the world of construction, contracts and law on social media.

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Improve Your Contract Strategy


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Why Choose Us?

1. You build trust

A simple contract builds trust – it is a clear & accurate record. An easy contract to use means you are more likely to find ways to make the project work, becoming more collaborative.

2. You avoid disputes

The major causes of disputes are not being able to read, understand or use a contract properly. A simple contract helps avoid the avoidable. It also builds trust which can help resolve problems and changes before they become a dispute.

3. Your contracts are accurate

Your contract is a tool to help you do business. It should record what you have agreed with your contract partner, accurately and fairly. It should set and manage expectations. It should work in the short and long term. We can help.