Helping construction specialists simplify their contract processes and contracts to build trust and avoid disputes

Globally construction disputes cost $billions due to contracts that you cannot read, understand or use. Do you dread your clients reading your contracts? Can you tell if a supplier's contract is a disaster waiting to happen? Do you negotiate complex contracts which then just sit on a shelf?


Construction contracts are staggeringly complex and incredibly familiar. Sarah’s keynote ‘Never Sign on the Dotted Line‘ helps audiences focus on using contracts as invaluable tools to build trust; and ‘If Banking Can Do It Why Not Construction?’ reviews smart contracts.


Drawing on her 20 years’ experience with construction contracts, Sarah will create a bespoke in-house workshop to boost your contract confidence – whether that’s understanding and negotiating contracts, forming contracts based on trust, or using contracts to avoid disputes.


You can draw on Sarah’s expertise to simplify your contract strategy, processes, and contracts. We will co-create T&C to showcase your expertise while safeguarding your interests. You can get contract reviews to give you confidence in negotiating terms to suit your business.

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Sarah loves putting the world to right in terms of construction contract.

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Improve Your Contract Strategy


I have a thing about creating lovable contracts. After all, contracts help you run your business, which helps you make money, which helps you live the life you love. Hence, contracts should ...


In Stefania Passera's doctoral dissertation "Beyond the wall of contract text" she cites research that has shown that: Clear and implementable contract terms are crucial in building successful [business] relationships ...

Why Choose Us?

1. You will build more trust

A simple contract builds trust – it manages expectations, ensures both parties understand it and leaves no nasties hiding in the small print.

2. You will avoid more disputes

A simple contract helps avoid the avoidable. It is easy to read, quick to negotiate and anyone can check it records your agreement accurately. Its plain language gives parties confidence to raise queries and encourages parties to comply.

3. Your contracts record your agreement precisely

By accurately recording aspects such as scope, trust, aims and risks (STAR), a simple contract limits your agreement to guide the parties as to their responsibilities, without making them bet their business on a project.