The Dotted Line: Things have changed

This week my eldest son is 21. Back in 2000, we couldn’t record his every move as no-one owned a camera phone, we couldn’t share his image with relatives across the world as Facebook hadn’t been dreamt up, we couldn’t press play to sing him a lullaby wherever we were or read him a story as music and books weren’t digitally portable, and there were few chat rooms to find out if we were doing it wrong. There wasn’t even Wikipedia. How things have changed!

An old silver cross car seat with a jazzy cover in blues and reds. In it, sits a small baby, snuggled under a white waffle blanket with white baby boots sticking out of the bottom. The baby has a cute baby hat covering its eyes and its button nose is just poking out. The baby is probably asleep (at last....). Photo by Sarah Fox 2020.

What does a digital contract platform really need?

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